Agents Must Adapt in Order to Compete

Today’s home buyers and sellers expect a personalized, transparent and synchronized relationship whether connecting online, on mobile, or in person. Coldwell Banker Zap is our comprehensive platform that helps you strengthen your personal connections, not replace them. It empowers you to establish, manage and deepen client relationships.

We believe that Real Estate Agents must adapt in order to compete in today’s market.  In the past, being a real estate professional was about having information that consumers could not get. The internet has not changed the homebuying process, it simply has made consumers more educated. An experienced agent in today’s market knows that their value comes during the transaction, not just when a client is home searching.

To attract clients, agents must have:

  • Robust online presence
  • Unique insights to offer consumers
  • Seamless online and offline service

Buyers and Sellers Have New Expectations

Buyers and sellers have new expectations in their real estate needs. Your services should be personalized, always connected, transparent, and integrate a seamless relationship with the client from day one. Our online suite of real estate tech gives agents a competitive edge in today’s market and much more.

Meet Zap® (Video)

Convert More Customers

We encourage our agents to use Zap with the simple goal of converting more customers in their sphere of influence (SOI). Zap allows agents to stay top of mind with instant lead notifications and easy-to-use, automated marketing tools. Agents active on Zap have seen a greater increase in units closed compared to the National Association of Realtors(NAR) average.

Coldwell Banker Zap

The Coldwell Banker Zap Network Effect

Where you spend your marketing dollars is important as you grow your business. We see too many agents wasting their time on stand-alone websites that cost a premium to run IDX home search for clients. Websites like this rarely bring in traffic from consumers because the cost to compete in that space today is extremely high. Your website on Zap is linked to a network that leverages thousands of websites in our brand to bring YOU more online leads. This means more traffic/business to your site with less effort. As an agent, why would you try to compete with large real estate portal sites? As long as you keep your site updated and current, our brand works on the backend to boost your local SEO. The good news? as our national network grows, so does your website. It is what we call the network effect(watch video).

With Coldwell Banker Zap, you can:

Coldwell Banker Zap

  • Attract customers with agent-branded, data-rich websites and mobile apps that showcase your experience (watch video) and insight
  • Build trust and improve service by personalizing alerts and recommendations based on client insights from Zap
  • Prioritize opportunities based on likelihood to transact as predicted by each lead’s proprietary ZapScore (watch video)
  • Stay top of mind with your contacts with instant lead notifications and easy-to-use, automated marketing tools
  • Do all your work in one place with popular integrations such as DocuSign and email



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