Marketing and selling a home has entered the future with the game-changing CBx app. Only Coldwell Banker® affiliated agents have access to this state-of-the-art app, helping to set the most accurate price for homes by combining big data with price adjustment tools that reflect the home’s unique features. Once the price is set, the app identifies likely markets where potential buyers currently live, which helps agents understand how and where to market that home. With CBx, agents can target the most likely buyers to get results fast.

According to the NAR 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, these are the top four services that sellers want MOST from their agents:

  1. Marketing the home to potential buyers
  2. Selling the home within a specific timeframe
  3. Pricing the home competitively
  4. Find a buyer

With our technology suite of applications, you are uniquely positioned to address these top needs in ways others cannot. Our listing experience for agents humanizes the power of big data, making it meaningful for sellers and buyers. When you walk into a competitive listing situation, you will confidently engage sellers about:

  • The listing price
  • Prospective buyers
  • Where the buyers are coming from
  • How to market to them

We give our agents a simple 3 step process to find potential sellers, win listings, and locate buyers that are most likely to purchase your listing. 

Did you say LEADS? Talk to us about high-value seller leads! Our application uncovers seller leads of hidden inventory. In an environment where inventory is critically low in most markets, finding sellers and winning listings is a huge challenge. It is also the key to outperforming the market and driving productivity. That’s where CBx Seller Leads comes in. CBx Seller Leads identifies households that are likely to sell – BEFORE they even raise their hand or reach out to an agent.

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